Swimmingpool acrylics

Overflowing panel and 3 subaquatic windows, La Zagaleta

Supply and installation in the exclusive urbanization of La Zagaleta (Málaga) of a 13.4 meter long overflowing panel, performing a chemical bonding on construction site. In the same pool we also installed 3 submerged vision panels of 3.4 meters that provide lighting to the lower parts of the house.

You can watch a video of the water overflowing here!

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Technical data

Panel 1: overflowing 13400*1200*70 mm by means of transparent chemical union made on construction site from two 6700 mm panels. Top edge beveled and polished.

Panels 2, 3 and 4: panels with 4 submerged supports. Measures: 4330*1000*50 mm.